Brian and Colleen Cerkvenik

In the summer of 2018 Brian and Colleen left the hustle-bustle of Denver to move to the beautiful mountains of Winter Park. Around that same time, Brian left the corporate world, Colleen left the world of autism education, and they purchased Home James Transportation. What really drew them to the business was the staff: tons of experience across all aspects, and a family atmosphere where they really take care of each other.  When they aren't at Home James, you'll find Brian and Colleen skiing, mountain biking, or chasing after their son Kai and dog named Dude.

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Sue C.
Office Manager

If you've used Home James before, you've probably spoken to Sue. With over 30 years in the Fraser Valley, and more than 18 years at Home James Transportation, she is our logistics specialist, our human map, our reservation system expert, our #1 driver dispatcher, and our historian.  

Mary Beth H.
Office Coordinator

Mary Beth has been with Home James for over 6 years, and takes more reservations than anyone in the office. Battling with Sue for the important role of Office Mom, she keeps us up to date on the latest happenings of the Hale Clan and the word around town. If you have a group reservation, MB is the expert to help get your group where you need to be, accommodating all of those last-minute changes.

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Mary R.
Office Staff

If you call in, Mary is the one with the sweet southern accent.  She is also the one that keeps us laughing at Home James, between her own comedic stylings and her penchant for putting The Office (the show) on the Home James TVs.  If you have questions about how the lifts run at the resort, Mary's your person; she used to be a team lead.

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Shelly H.
Office Staff

You may talk to Shelly in the office, or you may get her behind the wheel of a Home James vehicle.  Shelly is what we call a utility player, she can do it all.  A longtime local up here, she's happy to answer questions about the area to help plan your trip to be even better.  

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Jake M.
Fleet Manager

Jake is another utility player; one day he's fixing a windshield wiper, the next day he's driving for us.  And occasionally he'll even pick up your phone call to help with a reservation!  This place couldn't run without Jake.  He's the one that ensures our vehicle safety record stays intact.  He makes sure the vans are getting inspected at each mileage checkpoint, he warms up the vans before our drivers need to get in them, and he even plows our parking area to make sure our drivers don't have to tromp through snow and get swampfoot by the time the get to Denver.