Home James COVID-19 Policy

  • Masks are no longer required on Home James vehicles!

  • Passengers are welcome to still wear masks if that makes them feel more comfortable.

Terms and Conditions


Credit cards will be charged at the time of booking.  Should a customer need to cancel and would like a refund, they will be subject to a 10% credit card processing fee.  If the customer would prefer, they can have a credit for the full amount for future travel with Home James.  In order to get a credit, please call the office.  The credit will expire one year from the original date of travel.  Once within 48 hours of travel customers are subject to the Home James cancellation policy.  

For a Departure Leg to DIA:

All passengers must call the Home James office at 970-726-5060 or 833-2RIDE-WP the day before your departure to reconfirm your pickup time and location.



Each passenger is limited to 1 large bag, 1 carry-on sized bag, and a ski or snowboard bag or another large bag.  Carry-on luggage may be required to fit underneath your seat. Excess luggage is subject to a surcharge of $41 per bag. Oversized luggage (any single dimension greater than 5 ft.), oversized ski or snowboard bags, and bike boxes are subject to charge of a base-rate seat per piece of oversize luggage.


An ADA-compliant collapsible scooter or collapsible wheelchair are no extra charge.  Due to insurance reasons drivers are not allowed to help passengers move in or out of the van.  Please call the office if you are traveling with these items so that we can plan for the space required.

Weather and Traffic Delays:

As much as we’d like to, Home James is unable to control the weather or traffic.  Home James is not responsible for missed flights due to these issues.  If you feel that more time may be needed, it is your responsibility to call and change your pickup to an earlier time.  The office staff will do their best to accommodate based on current availability.  Similarly, road closures are also out of our control.  Road closures may require an unexpected hotel stay.  Home James is not responsible for any costs incurred during or due to the road closure, but we will rebook you to another shuttle at no additional charge.



We love pets, but they are not permitted on scheduled shuttles unless they are certified service animals.  Paperwork must be emailed to info@ridhj.com prior to travel.  Non-certified animals can always be accommodated on private charters.  Further questions may be answered in this article by the ADA National Network entitled "Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals."  To reiterate, we are happy to accommodate service animals, but due to the allergy restrictions and comfort of other passengers we do not allow emotional support animals.

Car Seats:

Home James does not provide child car seats.  While car seats are not required by law within commercial vehicles, Home James strongly encourages guardians to travel with their child’s car seats.  The drivers are not allowed to help install car seats; it will have to be done by the child’s guardian.


Private Charter Stops:

Private charters are allowed one stop for up to 30 minutes.  Should the group require more time, the driver or Home James office staff will need to collect $85/hour or part of an hour beyond the first 30 minutes. 


Private Charter Delays:

We understand that flight delays happen.  If you know your flight is delayed a significant amount of time and call our office before a driver is dispatched (more than 3 hours before your scheduled pickup time), there will be no charge to change your pickup time.  In addition, Home James will not charge for delays of 60 minutes or less.  Once delays go beyond 60 minutes, the customer will be subject to a charge of $85 per hour or portion of an hour after the initial 60 minutes.  The free 30 minute stop is also forfeited; if a stop is still needed, the customer will be subject to the $85 per hour or portion of an hour charge.  Changes of more than 2 hours are subject to driver availability; you may have to wait until a driver is available.

Cancellation Policy:

Home James has a 48-hour cancellation policy for all reservations that have not purchased trip insurance. All reservations are non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of your scheduled pickup time, unless you purchased trip insurance. See Trip Insurance in the Home James Terms and Conditions for details about cancellation with trip insurance.  If you book your trip inside of 48 hours, trip insurance is not available and your trip is non-refundable should you cancel.

Trip Insurance:

Trip insurance costs 20% of the total fare.  If booking roundtrip, you must pay for trip insurance for the entire trip.  If you travel on one leg of your trip and then use your trip insurance to get a refund on your second leg, you only get a refund on the portion of the trip that you have not used. 

If you purchase trip insurance for the shared shuttle service, you can cancel your reservation up to 1 hour before your scheduled pickup time for a full refund, less the cost of the trip insurance itself.  If you purchase trip insurance for the private charter service, you can cancel your reservation up to 3 hours before your scheduled pickup time for a full refund, less the cost of the trip insurance itself. 

Passengers that travel with Home James (board the vehicle and use the service for any length of the trip) but are delayed due to traffic, weather, and road closures are not entitled to a refund.  Passengers that do not notify Home James of their cancellation will be charged the full amount.  Trip insurance is not available as an option to anyone booking a reservation within 48 hours of the reservation's pickup time.

Automatic Gratuity:

Home James will add 15% gratuity to all private charters and parties of 5 or more on our shared shuttles.

Changing your Vehicle:

Home James Transportation reserves the right to change the vehicle that you have reserved.

Changing your Pickup Time:

Home James Transportation reserves the right to move any departure reservation to an earlier time.  Home James Transportation also reserves the right to move any arrival reservation to a later time.  This can be done at any time for any reason.  

Call us with any corrections:

If you feel that there are any errors in the above reservation(s), please contact our reservation center immediately at 970-726-5060.

Rules and Regulations


1)  Applicability:  The rules and regulations set forth in this section shall be applicable to the transportation performed and the rates and charges in this Tariff.  This Tariff applies only to Colorado intrastate operations.  


2)  Passenger Service and Restrictions:  Home James Transportation reserves the right to refuse transportation to any person who, in the opinion of driver in charge of the transportation, is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, is suffering from a contagious disease, is behaving in a manner considered to be offensive, or presents a risk to himself, herself, other passengers, third parties, or the driver.  Such refusal shall not be based on religious, ethnic, or any other discriminatory characteristic prohibited by law.  Smoking is not allowed in any vehicle.  


3)  Animal Restrictions:  Except as allowed by this item, animals/pets shall not be transported. Only service animals traveling with their masters will be transported. Service animals shall be under the control of their masters at all times. Company will not be responsible for loss or injury to these animals, nor for an injury or damage to any person or property caused by the actions of these animals.


4)  Baggage Restrictions:  Each passenger shall be allowed to transport one large piece of baggage, one normal sized piece of baggage, and one ski or snowboard bag at no charge. Subject to space available, additional baggage may be accommodated for an additional charge of $41.00 per bag.  One (1) purse and one (1) briefcase per passenger will not be counted as baggage but may have to be placed below the seat. Identification and designation of “purse” and “briefcase” shall be left up to the discretion of the driver in charge of the transportation.


5)  Explosives and Other Dangerous Articles:  Home James Transportation will not transport any articles or substances that, in the opinion of the driver in charge of transportation, are dangerous to the health and/or safety of any passenger or driver or employee. These articles or substances may include but not limited to explosives, toxic agents and hazardous materials.


6)  Inclement Weather and Road Conditions:  Nothing in this tariff shall require Home James Transportation to transport passengers or their baggage, if in the opinion of the driver in charge of transportation, weather, street, road, or highway conditions, either from the point of origin, destination, or points in between, render operation of the motor vehicle dangerous or impracticable.


7)  Payment Types and Time of Collection:  Payment for all fares and charges shall be in U.S. dollars in the form of cash, personal checks, traveler's checks, business checks, or approved credit cards.  Payment is due at time of service unless prepayment was previously received.  Receipts will be provided upon request.


8)  Reservation, Cancellations, and Refunds:  To receive a full refund of a prepaid reserved transportation service, the passenger must submit a request to Home James Transportation to cancel the previously reserved transportation service by U. S. mail, e-mail, or by telephone, at least 48 hours in advance of the reserved transportation date and time.  If the cancellation request is received by Home James Transportation less than 48 hours before the reserved transportation date and time, the passenger will be charged a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the payment for the transportation service.


9)  Complaints:  Passengers may submit complaints to Home James Transportation by U. S. mail, e-mail, or by telephone. Staff of Company will make an effort to resolve the complaint fairly. If the complainant is not satisfied, he/she may contact the PUC at:

Colorado Public Utilities Commission

1560 Broadway, Suite 250

Denver CO 80202

303-894-2070 or 1-800-456-0858