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Have You Ever Driven a Mountain Pass?

To get to Winter Park, you need to go over Berthoud Pass.  Berthoud Pass rises to an elevation of 11,307 feet and during your 12-mile trip up and down you will encounter 9 hairpin turns, steep grades, varying conditions, and even avalanche terrain.  To say the least, this drive is intense if you're not used to it.  But it's nothing for our seasoned Home James drivers.  The average Home James driver has been driving for Home James for over 5 years, and has driven the pass literally hundreds--if not thousands--of times, in all weather conditions.

Trust the Company that's Been Here

"I'm at the airport and the other shuttle company just cancelled on me!"  

We received a phone call like this every week this winter!  Don't put your vacation in the hands of any other company.  We have been based in the Fraser Valley since 1982. If the roads are open, we'll be there to pick you up.

Uber and Lyft Might Not Get You Here

"My driver just dropped me off in Empire and refused to go any further!" 

We get this call quite a bit as well.  Many Denver-based Uber and Lyft drivers are not experienced at driving in the mountains or in winter conditions.  Also, there aren't any Uber and Lyft drivers that live in the Winter Park area, so don't bet your flight on the hope that there may happen to be one around on your day of departure.  Leave the driving to our expert, professional drivers.

Free Changes!

Don't worry if your flight is delayed, we'll get your group on the next available shuttle for no extra charge!  With 12 roundtrips a day during the peak ski season, you probably won't even need to wait long.  Even if you miss the last shared shuttle of the night, we can get you on a shuttle the next morning and deliver you to Winter Park before the ski area opens!  If you're worried about missing that last shuttle, make sure you book a flight at least 45 minutes before the previous shuttle time just in case.

Your Rental Car Might Not Be Properly Equipped

Colorado passed a Traction Law requiring all vehicles driving in the mountains to have proper snow tires or chains.  Your rental car that you're hoping to take to Winter Park might not have the equipment that is now required by law.  Tickets aren't fun, but driving in an unsafe vehicle is even worse.

The Price is Right

Did you know that it is now $66 to simply go from the airport to downtown Denver in a taxi?  For a cost that is just 1/3 more, we will drive you 5 TIMES FURTHER over a mountain pass to get you directly to your lodging in the Winter Park area!

Your Public Utilities Commission regulates our pricing to keep it fair for the general public, so you can know that they have your back and that you're getting the best price for this high level of service!


Home James is celebrating its 42nd year in business, with over 600,000 satisfied customers and 16 million miles traveled. You can trust Home James, we are the company that the locals call.

Convenient and Stress-Free

Thousands of returning guests have told us how much they appreciate being met by a friendly, knowledgeable, local driver after a long, tiring day of travel. No worries about finding lodging, extreme weather or mountain driving safety. Guests relax and enjoy the ride. We handle the return to Denver International Airport from the doorstep of the guest's lodging to the curbside baggage check-in of the departing airline. No lugging heavy bags. What could be more convenient or stress-free?

New Clean, Safe, Comfortable Equipment

Home James is proud to operate one of the newest fleets of vehicles out of Denver International Airport. Our equipment and operations are subjected to rigorous Colorado Public Utilities Commission safety regulations. Our fleet is cleaned before every trip to Denver. Our drivers are Home James employees driving Home James vehicles--not independent contractors operating their own vehicles.

Local, Friendly, Knowledgeable Drivers

Home James selectively hires highly qualified drivers, trains them in mountain driving techniques, and constantly monitors performance with drug testing and on-the-road evaluations. We are proud of our staff of long time locals who offer a great introduction to our mountain community.

On-Time, Accountable, and Reliable

Just ask your property management company, travel agent, or any local. Home James has been Grand County's choice for airport transportation for 42 years. We offer 24/7 on-line reservations, and full-time local dispatch support. Book your shuttle today and find out how we can simplify your vacation.


"This shuttle service is the only way to go when visiting Winter Park. We came in on what turned out to be an 18 inch snow storm. The shuttle was on time and brought us to our destination with no hassles. I would not have driven under such conditions. Our driver, Bo was a great and courteous."

John S.

"I live in Winter Park and use Home James for all my transportation needs between WP and DIA. On time, friendly and safe transportation.
Thanks, Home James!"

Tony B.

"Super great service. I'v been a faithful rider for many years. Excellent communications and very professional drivers. They're flexible when plans change with no hassles. A shout out to Mark P. my driver to DIA after last weeks 26" dump. Great job."

Jen W.

"Pleasant, personable drivers who are focused on safety regardless of the weather and driving conditions. Good experience with Mike driving us at the end of the big snow Sunday and Michael driving me back to the airport at night."

Ken S.

More questions?  Take a look at our Terms & Conditions

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